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Wages & Household Income in Fulton County

Fulton County attracts major U.S. and international companies, and this shows in the income and wages that residents earn. Median household income in Fulton County is more than 22 percent higher than the HHI in the state and about 25 percent higher than that of the U.S. The county’s per capita income is about 38 percent higher than either Georgia or the U.S.

  Fulton County GA US
Median HH Income $72,741 $61,224 $64,994
Mean (Average) HH Income $117,680 $85,691 $91,547
Per Capita Income $49,369 $32,427 $35,384

Source: U.S. Census Bureau ACS Survey 2020


Despite the healthy incomes that Fulton County residents earn, wages are moderate when compared to other metro areas, which can help companies control their bottom lines. An employer who pays an annual salary of $45,000 to a worker in Atlanta would have to pay that worker more than $80,000 if the job was in New York City, more than $118,000 in San Francisco, even $45,900 in Chicago. In Fulton County, it is possible to lower business costs while offering competitive wages for qualified workers.

  Average Weekly Wage Primary Industry/ Avg. Wage Highest Avg. Wage/Industry
Fulton County $1,610 $2,248 – Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services $3,464 – Transportation Equip. Mfg.
Georgia $1,156 $1,997– Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services $2,407Mgmt. of Companies
U.S. $1,010 $1,401 – Office & Administrative Support $1,985Utilities

(Sources: Georgia Dept. of Labor, Q3, 2021; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)