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For each of the past six years, Georgia's business climate has been ranked "No. 1 in the Nation," by Site Selection, a leading economic development trade publication. (See: An Oasis of Opportunity)

The DAFC warmly welcomes developers, site selection committees, visionaries and entrepreneurs to contact us and see what makes our climate "growth and development-friendly". We’re here to help companies and their representatives understand and explore the option of industrial revenue bond financing. We strive to help companies make their move to, or expansion in, Fulton County, Georgia as successful as possible.


As businesses grow and expand in Fulton County, the job marketplace becomes broader and deeper, the tax base gets stronger and piece-by-piece, Fulton County becomes even more robust and more appealing to both businesses and residents.

Through the building of schools, roadway improvements, park and greenspace development, career training opportunities and other direct initiatives, commercial and industrial developments make substantial contributions to community betterment. In countless ways, business development helps make Fulton County a place that residents are proud to call "Home."