development authority of fulton county

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development authority of fulton county

“The Southeast is the fourth largest economy in the world, and Atlanta is the hub of economic activity in the Southeast.”
~ Economist Mark Vitner, Wachovia

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Fulton County is home to over 900,000 people and its growth rate is projected to increase by nearly 6% by 2016. Since 1990, the number of households in Fulton County has grown by nearly 7% and is projected to grow another 8.5% by 2016.

Fulton County is a racially diverse community within the metropolitan area. The racial composition includes 44.5% Caucasian, 44.2% African American, 8.1% community includes a 13% foreign-born population.

Additionally, Fulton County is a young, vibrant area with a median age of 34. The adult population is fairly evenly distributed in the 18-34 and 35-54 age ranges at 37.2% and 31.0%, respectively.

The adult education attainment level in Fulton County shows nearly 90% of the population has earned a high school degree and nearly 48% percent have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher.



The chart and table below provide population stats for Fulton County including distribution by age and a snapshot of workforce education attainment for the segment of the population 25-65 years of age.


Employment by Occupation

The chart and table below show the percentage of employment by occupation in the Fulton County area.


Industry Employment Distribution

The chart and table below show industry employment distribution for Fulton County by industry sector and in order of rank.


Workforce Transportation

The chart and table below show the Fulton County workforce's mode of transportation and commute time by percentage.


FORTUNE 500 Cities

The chart and table below show sites comparable to Fulton County and the number of FORTUNE 500 company headquarters located in those cities in order of rank.