development authority of fulton county

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development authority of fulton county

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Labor Force and Labor Management

Fulton County’s healthy job market and top-ranking post secondary education institutions continue to attract the talent that employers seek. The county’s labor force is more than 450,000 with an unemployment rate of 9.5%.

Labor Force Characteristics

Employment by Industry

Labor Force Transportation

Employment by Occupation

Leading Employers

Graph in increments of 1000. For example, 452 = 452,000. Fulton County Unemployment Rate is approximately 9.4% while the state of Georgia's Unemployment Rate is approximately 8.9%

Area Labor Force, Employment and Unemployment Data

Area Name Civilian Labor Force Number Employed Number Unemployed Unemployment Rate
Fulton County 452,612 410,243 42,369 9.4%
Georgia 4,761,125 4,338,268 422,857 8.9%

Georgia Worker's Compensation Act, July 2007
Total Disability

Waiting period: 7 days
Waiting period recoverable after (consecutive from disability date): 21 days
Maximum weekly benefit: $500
Percentage average weekly wage (13 weeks prior to accident): 66-2/3%
Maximum weekly duration from date of injury: 400*

Labor Management Relations

Georgia has been a right to work state since 1947 with fewer than one-half the states in the U.S. granting workers this protection. In 2011, union participation in Georgia was 3.9% while in the average U.S. participation in unions was 11.8%.